Historien bakom X-Plane för iPhone

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The story of X-Plane for iPhone


Around September 1 or so, I was sitting on a park bench in Central Park, New York, enjoying a WONDERFUL fall Saturday afternoon, typing away on my Mac laptop, when my tech support guy, Randy Witt, called me and suggested that we do X-Plane for iPhone. Of course, I thought this idea was IMPOSSIBLE, because how could a PHONE have enough POWER to run X-PLANE? And how would you CONTROL the planes? Nevertheless, I called Apple to ask them whether it would be possible to get X-Plane running on the iPhone, and whether Apple would have any interest in seeing it done. The answer was a bit surprising: Not only is the iPhone just powerful enough to RUN a specialized version of X-Plane, but Apple would LOVE to see it done NOW. Apple had a Keynote presentation coming up, and would love to have a couple of exciting new games ready to consider showing off at the presentation. My response: "Well, I live in South Carolina, I am currently in New York, it's Saturday afternoon... I could be in Cupertino (Apple's headquarters) maybe some time late Monday, and we could start work on, say, Tuesday or so? My contact at Apple gave me my absolute favorite reply ever: "Umm.. How about we see you Monday morning at 9 AM sharp instead?"

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  • 2008-09-20 18:30

Roligt att stora Apple är så flexibelt som det tydligen är är det kommer till saker som dessa.

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