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Smooth Jazz håller lägre pris än Apple... is pleased to offer downloadable albums from hot new independent artists. A full album is only $7.95!

We are in the process of adding more music in the coming weeks so check back often. Simply visit either our Mac or PC Download Store and sample each album that appeals to you. Once you have made your choice, click to download.

All albums in our store are burned using the MP3 format then compressed in both Mac and PC Stuffit formats for web worthy travel through the download pipe. Each file has been ripped at 128K bit rate and averages approximately 40 MB each in overall file size. Upon global acceptance, we will convert download files to the MPEG 4 format, which will reduce file sizes by 10x what they are now using MP3.

Since this is a new technology, we ask for your patience and faith that we will enhance the development of this section of the site as opportunity allows. We appreciate your support of our endeavors and encourage you to direct your technical questions directly to our VP of Information Technology, Jeromie Clark. respectfully requests that you encourage your friends to buy their own downloads and CDs in support of the music. As we attempt to build this new platform for getting more music to the people, we ask for your help in showing artists and record labels that sales will increase with such new methods. In other words, stop by regularly and buy often.

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Den här veckan pratar Ida Blix och Andreas Eklöv om Apples planer för eget videomaterial, rykten om Apple Watch, nya Nokia 8 och om Apples Smart Connector.

Det är fredag och det firar vi med att titta på den senaste filmen från en drönare som flugit över Apple Park.

Affinity Photo för Ipad såldes till en början till ett reducerat pris, men nu berättar utvecklarna att det lägre priset blir kvar.

Så här samma år som Iphone fyller tio år känns det helt rätt att testa era kunskaper om gamla klassiska mobiltelefoner. Hur många rätt får du?

Med några nya videoklipp demonstrerar Apple IOS 11-funktioner för Ipad och Ipad Pro.

Apple och Paypal är bara några exempel på företag som efter händelserna i Charlottesville i USA tar krafttag mot hatsajter.