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Såg detta på ett annat forum så jag tänkte att vi kan börja fylla på med egna observationer. Tyvärr på engelska men det finns Google Translate för er som kanske har lite svårare med det engelska språket.

-- Apple Watch OS 1.0 (12S507) --


  • You can ping your iPhone using the "Settings" glance by tapping the Ping iPhone button (lets out a loud alert sound even if iPhone is in silent mode)

  • Hold down the Ping iPhone button instead to fire off the iPhone's camera flash in addition to the loud alert sound

  • At the appropriate time, the Maps glance shows the time it takes for you to get to work/home or any of your other frequently visited location during that time period. Tap it and the address is already filled in, all you have to do is tap Start.


  • Swipe to the left on a notification to get a "Clear" option

  • Force touch on Notifications screen to get a "Clear All" option

Clock Faces

  • Most clock faces have a unique animation when you zoom in and out of the clock app with the Digital Crown.

  • The Solar face animates the watch app icon into the sun when zooming in Example

  • The Astronomy face animates the watch app icon into the Earth when zooming in

  • The shape of the sun's arc is an accurate representation of how high the sun will go the sky depending when and where you are on the planet

  • Touching the butterfly, flower, or jellyfish on the motion clock face shows a different butterfly, flower or jellyfish

  • Cover the face anytime on the watch to put the display to sleep. This has the added benefit of activating the clock face the next time you raise your wrist (as opposed to turning your wrist away from you which may activate the last used app)

  • If you want the clock face to stay on, keep rotating the digital crown or hold a finger on the edge of the display

Buttons (Digital Crown + Side button)

  • Pressing the Digital Crown twice switches to the last used app.

  • Pressing the Digital Crown and the side button together takes a screenshot. The screenshot will then be stored in your iPhone's camera roll.

  • To force quit an app, hold down the Side button until the Watch shows the power off screen. Hold down the Side button again to force quit the app instead.

  • Hold down the Digital Crown to activate Siri

  • On the app icon screens, scrolling the digital crown up will zoom into the currently centered app

  • When opening an app, scrolling the digital crown down within one second of opening that app, will quickly zoom back out into the app icon screen


  • Handoff works between the Apple Watch and the Mac

  • You can handoff notifications to the iPhone


  • Force touch on any screen on the activity app to change your move goal


  • Swipe left on an email to get options to archive, flag or mark it unread


  • Swipe left on a message thread to get contact details of the person, and to delete the thread.

  • Force touch on face emoticon to make it alternate into red and yellow (default) colors

  • Force touch on the heart emoticon to alternate into red (default), blue, purple colors

  • In the Messages settings of Apple Watch App on the iPhone, you can choose dictation or send as audio as the defaults. (Easier than choosing between each for every reply)

  • The heart emoticon curiously reflects a vast and lonely desert


  • Select a card, and then force touch on the display to delete that card.


  • Cover your Watch with your hand to mute an incoming call. In contrast to pressing the red reject button, the caller will not know you ignored the call.

  • When receiving a call, you can scroll down and choose the "Answer on iPhone" option. This puts the caller on hold until you answer on the iPhone.


  • Inside the "Sounds and Haptics" settings, turn on the "Prominent Haptic" to make the Watch vibrate and then do the regular haptics for notifications. This makes it less likely you will miss notifications

  • Turning on Reduce Motion makes all the home screen icons larger vs small and large sizes

  • Turning on Reduce Transparency makes a solid background for text vs transparency

  • Ability to set bold text

  • Ability to change text sizes

  • Ability to enable zoom

  • In General settings, you can make it so that the Watch will show the last used app (instead of the clock face) when you raise your wrist


  • On the Apple Watch, you will get Apple Watch specific jokes out of Siri

  • If you have forgotten what to say, you can say "Hey Siri, nevermind" to immediately return to the clock face.

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