• Medlem
  • Sundsvall
  • 2006-05-23 23:46

Min dotter Anna ska gifta sig i slutet av juli och hennes "syster" Jordana från värdfamiljen då Anna var utbytesstudent i USA ska komma till bröllopet. Jordana är journalist och nu vill hon ha tips på nåt hon kan skriva en artikel om när hon är i Sverige. Nåt tips?

Hey Anna and Mats, Eva and Tomas!

Keep your eyes and ears open for any good news story I might do in
Sweden when I'm there...

Anything related to money, to the international community ... to a
business in Sweden that's taking the international community by storm,
or software (like Skype! but that's old now, and it got sold anyway)

any interesting story related to international businesses/corporations
based in Sweden..

any interesting cultural story that is unique to Sweden and
interesting to an international audience ...

any big social issues going on?

i feel like when I was there in 1995, Sweden started to get tons of
immigrants (dark haired immigrants!) from Bosnia/the Balkans, and
there were starting to be some ethnic issues .. fights at schools,
ghettoes were forming.. I don't know if this is true or if this is a
growing issue there? more probs with racial issues/conflict now that
you've got lots of immigrants? or are you still getting lots?

Ummm... maybe that story about paying to drive in Stockholm. is that
still happening there? any news on that?

maybe some major tension with Denmark? (ha!) ... or I wonder if
anything is still going on in Denmark over that cartoon issue... that
could be interesting. Do you know??

so any ideas, send them my way!