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  • 2006-05-14 01:48

Jag skrev just detta i ett annat forum, men jag hoppas att ni kan läsa min engelska. Orkar inte översetta detta. Det handlar om Microsofts press event på E3 nu i veckan. För er som inte sett det bör kolla in det på http://www.gamershell.com/download_13677.shtml .

Its gone a couple of days since Microsofts pressrelease. Let me just tell you this think before I continue:
I am a Mac-user and a Apple-fanboy. I mean it by heart. I even have shaved my head with the Apple-loga in my backhead. I have had great negative thoughts of Microsoft since their founding. They have just been colorless and just totaly unaware of what users really want. Apple have always had a very strong culture and therefor been able to touch this surtain people. And they have succeded. Not until a couple of days ago Micosoft have had No culture at all. This weekend, they made revolution.

I dont know if anybody understand how important this of step Microsoft did this week.
They now have a surtain group they can listen to and satisfy. Instead of trying to please everybody, they can now draw people to this culture. And the culture I am talking about is the Gaming Culture.
Everybody loves games! That is just the way it is. Since humankinds firsta days, we have loved games just the way we do with music and dancing. These are human nature.

With Live anywhere they can continue to satisfy us in a more easy and seamless way.
I just love it!. I cant help it, but i really do. I think this is the "ipod-killer" MS have talked about. If we lookat how mobilephones have evolved the last years, we can asume that the mp3-players will soon expire just like the cameras is doing. This means that Microsoft can offer mobile-solutions that satisfy the music-, Movie-, and gaming culture.
I must say this is a very intersting turnpoint in Computer usage. I will in a year or two sit with my Macbook pro and cinema 23" screen working in Final Cut Studio, when I reseave a Notice apearing in my MacOS 'Lepoard' Interface. It is an invitation from "John" asking if I want to be butkicked in Forza2. I Quickswitch to Windows Vista and accept the invitation. I am instantly ingame and ready for an intence match.

This is a very positive way the computermarket could chose to go. What do you think?