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Cubase is the name in professional recording. Be it for the ambitious newcomer or the hi-end professional, for home recording or big-budget Hollywood soundtracks.
There are good reasons why more and more musicians are deciding on Cubase: easy and really logical to use, it offers almost limitless professional possibilities. With its VST and ASIO interfaces, Cubase also boasts an exceptional level of flexibility.
We´ve made the dream of the virtual studio on your computer a reality.
Cubase SX - The Heart Of Your Studio. dex.php?sid=e2367b0f703941ebcf19f519cde40e24

    Mac Version     
Processor : Power Mac G4
RAM : 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM MB recommended)
Operating System : Mac OS X Version 10.2
Sound Card : Supports ASIO 2 spec for high end multi-channel audio cards
Supports Mac OS X compatible audio devices

[ 21 September 2002, 11:18: Meddelandet ändrat av: Jürgen B ]

Tråkigt bara att inga plugins man har fungerar. Kommer nog att ta en lång tid innan alla instrument och effekter är OSX kompatibla.

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