• Medlem
  • Stockholm
  • 2005-12-20 23:36

Autodesk har haft en flitig förtidsperiod till julen. Nu har man kommit till skott med att lancera Combustion 4 för MacOSX. Produkten släpptes tidigare i år för Windows.

Nyheter inkluderar:
Diamond Keyer—the second generation of sophisticated keying algorithms derived from the Discreet® Flame® system.

Timewarp—a fully key-frameable, time-remapping operator for quickly creating slow-motion and speed-up effects.

B-spline vector shapes and new point-grouping—faster, more efficient rotoscoping
New optimized ‘Fast Gaussian Blur’.

Custom capsules—create and save encapsulated single or grouped operator nodes and build a library of effects to share and re-use.

Gbuffer builder—enables custom building of the Rich Pixel Format (RPF) data structures from bitmap files for more extensive use of Combustion RPF nodes.

Merge operator—new optimized operator to quickly merge two layers of the same size using any Combustion transfer node.

Interface enhancements—edit-operator, navigation, filtering, and compare-tool improvements, just to name a few.

New file import/export options—import of images into color mixer, import ASE (ASCII Scene Export) camera targets from Autodesk® 3ds Max® software, import Windows Media®, OpenEXR-compatible output.

Enhanced paint—new paint tools, grids and rulers, B-spline in paint, and new customized brushes.

Mer komplett lista på uppdateringar ser man i denna PDF:en:

Kul med nya prylar! Ska bli intressant att se hur programmet presterar på en Quad G5:a!