MWNY2001: Fanns det något vi inte fick se?

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Did Steve throw a tantrum and a digital camera directly at an Apple employee/the audience during the keynote? Was there a surprise guest planned, perhaps Bill Gates, who didn´t show and left Steve hanging, hence the miserable keynote? Spekulerar

Michael Klosowski (inskickat till shared these insights: If anyone hasn´t already done so I would like to point out the new logic board design in the new G4´s.

The board is a lot smaller than the older computers. Also it looks like everything is crammed up towards the back of the board. One main noticable thing is the position of the processor. It has moved towards the top right hand corner. Where the processor is located the heat sink buts up near the power supply.

What I am trying to get at is why is the processor so close to the powr supply where the power supply generates a fair bit of heat and the processor seems to be out of line with the internal fan´s air flow direction which is located under the power supply.

My first impressions after studieing the new layout of the board is that it isn´t meant to fit into the current G4 tower design. If you look closely it seems that the logic board is designed to fit into some kind of new tower.

Det finns förövrigt mycket intressant att läsa på rumors idag som spinner vidare på detta.. vad som komma skall, men inte "hann" bli klart till keynoten..

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