Apple släpper Xcode 2.2

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  • 2005-11-11 00:17

Xcode 2.2 provides overall stability and performance enhancements to Xcode IDE, as well as improvements to debugging, workflow, and the Xcode build system. It requires Mac OS X 10.4.x.

Finns på Apple’s ADC site.

Saxat från Maccentral:
The GCC compiler in Xcode 2.2 has been upgraded to 4.0.1 and Objective-C Type matching has been tightened to provide better warnings for mismatched types, according to Apple. This releases also sees support for Visual Studio inline assembly to provide migration support for applications moving from other Intel platforms. Compatibility issues with CodeWarrior inline assembly have also been fixed.

Distributed builds have been improved with the inclusion of distcc-2.18.3. The new version includes improvements in scheduling and error handling. In addition, xcodebuild now supports distributed building from the command line.

Among other changes in debugging, Xcode includes Attach on Crash, a function that activates when an application launched from Xcode’s ‘Run’ command crashes, Xcode will automatically attach its debugger to the crashed application.

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  • 2005-11-11 01:18

What´s new:

• Build System Enhancements - architecture specific compiler configuration. This allows you to use gcc3.3 for PowerPC and gcc4.0 for Intel in a single Universal Binary.

• Scores of improvements in latest compiler, GCC 4.0.1 - support for building executables with debugging symbols from the PCH physically separated from the Mach-O binary files.

• Linker support - loading only those symbols essential to debug a binary, which greatly improves link time for full link.

• ZeroLink - can be turned on or off globally now.

• Distributed builds include distcc-2.18.3 0- can be launched form the command line, and the distributed build daemon is started by the system launch service.

• New target contextual menu items - build, clean, build & run, or build & debug selected targets.

• CodeWarrior Importer - faster and supports importing Object targets.

• Improved AppleScript Integration - build configurations and breakpoint conditions set via AppleScript. New target properties indicating using native build system, type of product created, and the absolute path of any resolved symlink.

• Debugging Features - attach to and debug an executable that was launched externally. The Log, Shell Command, and AppleScript Breakpoint Actions now support gdb expressions.

• Project Editing and Navigation Improvements - Project Find for large projects is up to 8x faster, and project opening times improved. Recursive search paths are considered in Open Quickly navigation. File references can point directly to symlinks. Symbol popup in the documentation window supports keyboard navigation.

• Source Code Management Additions - Perforce passwords are now stored in a keychain, and enabling Perforce SCM for a project automatically enters the last-used depot settings.

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  • 2005-11-11 08:13

Hoppas de fixas buggen med att koppla upp sig mot en subversion server.

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  • 2005-11-14 08:34
Ursprungligen av thevil:

Det borde de ha gjort eftersom de babblar så mycket om det själva nu.

Jo, men det pappret kom ut innan de släppte uppgraderingen. Det funkar lite bättre nu i alla fall. Fortfarande problem med lösenord och sånt mot svn.

Jag håller på att ladda hem det här från Apple just nu. Men är det fler än jag som bara får 2 K/s?

Edit: Apple läser nog den här tråden för nu gick hastigheten upp i omkring 100 K/s.

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