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quote: Underworld Adventures is written in C++, using SDL for platform specific stuff and OpenGL for the graphics system. Underworld Adventures is currently in development, and people helping out on the project are always welcome. Specifically, these positons are open (but gererally, all help is appreciated):

people wanted

Developer - helps to implement all game features, or tries to find out infos about the files used in Ultima Underworld.

Continuity Expert - people that play/played Ultima Underworld all day/night long and have knowledge of most stuff in the original game. Developers should be able to ask questions about more in-depth things in the game, and they may test builds of Underworld Adventures for continuity in story or gameplay.

Platform porter/packager - helps building binaries on specific platforms, e.g. Linux or MacOS X, and may code some platform-specific code.

People who want to help with the project should have knowledge of CVS, and have a SourceForge account. For patches or smaller contributions, sending a mail with files or unified diffs (diff -u) is sufficient. Just contact me at vividos@users.sourceforge.net.

Argh, kan inte någon kompilera detta underbara projekt till OS X? Jag blir galen, får det inte att funka ordentligt.

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Det går väl an... för den här gången

Någon kunnig kan väl *snälla* ta en titt på senaste Linux-paketet?

Ultima underworld Adventures
"butterfinger" releasen för Linux (skaparen har kompilerat för OS X med framgång tidigare)

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