DTV (Freeware Internet TV) for Mac OS X, Coming Tuesday, August 9

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  • 2005-07-29 02:04

Coming Tuesday, August 9
Preview Beta of DTV for Mac OS X.

"DTV: Internet TV
There's a world of amazing independent video out there and now there's an easy way to watch it. DTV is bringing internet TV to the fullscreen -- lean back and enjoy. Browse the built-in channel guide, subscribe to channels, videos download in the background, and DTV notifies you when they're ready to watch. Open-source and open standards means everyone can watch and everyone can create.

Design the interface or icon for our software and win $1000!
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Create your own TV Channel: With our Broadcast Machine video publishing software, you can publish video to an unlimited audience, with virtually no bandwidth costs. It dovetails perfectly with DTV, giving viewers a TV-like experience watching your channel.

Open and Independent: Internet TV should be open-source and based on open standards, just like blogging and podcasting. We're working to ensure that the new mass medium of internet TV is free, accessible to all, and built with independent voices."

Check it out! [more here].

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  • 2005-07-29 10:21

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