Testade att jämföra hur Camino och Safari renderar sidorna på Mötesplatsen och Camino vann helt klart, ser snyggt ut på den siten.


What's new in this version:
Camino 0.9 brings you a heavily updated version of the only native OS X browser using Mozilla.org's Gecko HTML rendering engine. We made great improvements in rendering accuracy and speed, bookmarks and history management, preferences, plugin support, and many other areas.

Due to changes in our feature set we can no longer support OS X 10.1, we advise people still using OS X 10.1 to download Camino 0.8.4.

Note that Camino 0.9 is in the "alpha" stage, which means it is still heavily under development. We feel that it is usable on a day-to-day basis and a large improvement over Camino 0.8.4, but you may still experience issues and functionality that doesn't work 100%. The goal of this early release is to demonstrate the team's progress and for people to report issues early on in the development cycle so they can be addressed.