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Tråden skapades och har fått 2 svar. Det senaste inlägget skrevs .

Liten nyhet, MacOSX Hints delas i 2 delar - nu tillförs en blog med adressen:

Här är en liten bit om varför detta sker:

Dear Macosxhints readers...

Since launching in November of 2000, I've always tried to keep the focus here clear and simple: it's about the hints. As such, I tend to (for the most part) keep my opinions out of the hints. For instance, if I think "Geez, it's stupid that we need this hint because OS X doesn't do such and such, which would make it irrelevant," I tend not to say such things. Instead, I let the hint (and ensuing comments) stand on its own, as it should. That's what this site is for: hints.

However, I do have opinions on many of the things we cover here, as well as on computing in general -- after nearly five years, 7,000+ hints, and who knows how many hours of OS X usage, opinions are kind of a side effect of the job! As an outlet for my thoughts, I have at times considered adding an "Editorial" category, just to see what others might have to say about my opinions. In the end, though, I have always decided such content would detract from the site's primary mission. "It's about the hints, stupid!," I would keep telling myself.

So instead of diluting the primary site's focus, I've decided to launched a separate blog site, just so I can drill down into the Mac- and technology-related subjects I find interesting. For lack of any creativity in naming, I'm calling it simply The Robservatory. As an example of the kinds of things I'll be writing about, ten things I like about Tiger and what I don't like about Spotlight are two of the first articles. In the future, I'm going to discuss the (in)consistency in application interfaces, things I don't like about OS X, and much more. There are no ads on The Robservatory, as it's not intended to be a revenue-generating site -- it's just my blog. Also, anonymous comments to articles are welcomed, so no registration is required (though it is enabled).

For those who may be thinking this post is the beginning of a shameless series of self-promotion between the two sites, please relax. I won't be using macosxhints as a platform for my blog site, so you don't need to worry -- this announcement is the basically the extent of the link between the two sites. Things here on macosxhints will continue as normal, and my primary focus is and always will be on The Robservatory will simply allow me to discuss some the Mac and technology subjects I find most interesting.

As an aside, I plan on publishing a number of hints this weekend in an attempt to cut down on the backlog, so keep your eyes peeled for udpates. Have a great weekend everyone!

Den delas inte. Bloggen är Robs privata.

Ursprungligen av thevil:

Den delas inte. Bloggen är Robs privata.

Ja jo det är väl sant iof - fast en del av hans tid kommer att gå åt till den nya bloggen och på det sättet gör han ju prioriteringar varav den ena delen (siten) inte är Hints - men OK det må väl vara en lite hårddragning av mig.

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