Måste bara dela med mig av följande som kan få en del att skratta och andra att vrida sig av olust... hittade följande hos www.hardmac.com - är detta vad som väntar Longhorn? Gud hjälpe stackars Bill

MacBidouille klistrade in detta som man fått från en av sina läsare:

Microsoft's "Gatekeeper Test" was intented to crown the best European IT security expert. It started this monday, and was meant to last for 2 weeks, but was finally canceled because of a technical incident:

"Thank you for your participation in the Gatedeeper test. Unfortunately, for technical matters, we decided to stop this challenge, in order not to penalize some participants. We apologize for this situation, and hope you'll appreciate our willing to be correct. We're currently solving the problem, and we'll let you know when the challenge will be ready again."

In fact, the test could be easily hacked. Each questions had two possible answers. once you had answered correcttly to one of those, you just had to click "back" in your browser, and answer again to the question: it gave you extra points... After three days, some clever kids had already more points that the maximum available...

The European challenge is therefore canceled. Too bad, because I was leading in Switzerland, and 6th at the European level.