OS X Server mot Win2k3 Server: 1-0

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What happens when hordes of Mac enthusiasts stress-test Apple and Microsoft products in head-to-head performance? Macintosh and Windows web server products got a real-world workout Tuesday following Apple's unveiling of its new Mac Mini and iPod Shuffle products at the MacWorld Expo conference in San Francisco.

The Apple web site, which runs on Mac OS X, experienced some slowdowns but was largely available. Apple's online store (also on Mac OS X) struggled, however, experiencing outages and lengthy response times. Faring even worse was the official site for MacWorld Expo, which runs on Windows Server 2003, and was offline for hours following the show's keynote address by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Apache rules!

Iofs framgår det ju inte hur många servrar vi talar om. MacWorld Expo hade nog en server och Apple hade nog 200st

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