A sad day at the Garden

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Hoppas att alla ni som har gamla Mac-spel hemma kan hjälpa till.
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Dec 17th, 16:13 Bel Moderator
As I'm sure you all know, about 2 weeks ago the site started getting some errors that wouldn't allow members to get into games' download pages(some error about the screenshots). Well, then one day it just stopped. We could get into the pages, but the screenshots were broke...and the download wouldn't work.

I contacted Xar about the issue and he immediately went to his contact at The Underdogs(our parent site). After some discussion and searching, it turns out the reason the games are downloading is simply because they aren't there.

Where are they? This is the bad news: They're gone...completely wiped out. Xar doesn't know what happened, nor do the guys at The Underdogs...it just all disappeared.

Understandably, the entire moderating staff, and the admin(Xar) are pretty upset. To make matters worse, no backup was made...so those games really are gone.

What to do next?

After some discussion, our first action is to try to find anyone who may have a complete, or near-complete backup of the site's games(I know a few people were download every game, no matter what). If we can find someone, we can manage to work out the transfer and get everything back to normal.

If not, what we can do are have members upload games that they do have, we can re-attach them to their specific game desc. pages and go from there.

I am going to urge members not to upload anything until the new Uploading scheme is in place though. Once set, this will allow us, the mods, to actually place the game in the old desc. page rather than having to make Xar do it server side.

I know this sucks guys, and we are just as unhappy about it as ya'll are....so let's try to keep a level head about us, alright? Any attacks, trolling posts, whatever, will be deleted immediately along with the user being banned from the site.

On the bright side, a lot of these games that people have been wanting to add manuals to, patch, add 1300 different new pieces to, can now be done...and it can be the final, definitive upload of the game(for all of about 5 minutes until someone complains).

Once we get the new Upload thing working, I'll make another post and we can start working out how we're going to do this. Again, I urge users not to upload *anything* until we get a plan going...


Tyvärr så slängde jag ett gäng spel därifrån i förrgår.

Hoppas att dom kan få upp samlingarna igen, och att alla som kan hjälper till


Tråkigt att höra men har tyvärr inte en kopia.

Hoppas det löser sig för dom.

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