Ny iPod updater 2004-11-15 finns nu i Program Uppdateraren

The super-slim iPod once again redefines what a digital music player should be. It ’s lighter than 2 CDs, can hold up to 10,000 songs, and downloads music at blazing speeds. iPod mini is the world ’s smallest 1000-song music player and with a choice of five colors, gives you the most stylish way to bring your music everywhere you go. Automatically synchronize your music, On-The-Go playlists, and audiobooks from your iTunes library in a flash.

For more information about iPod, go to www.apple.com/support/ipod

What’s New in iPod
New Updates for iPod mini
-Compatibility with iTunes 4.7 and the iTunes Music Store
-Create multiple On-The-Go playlists
-Shuffle and play song library with one click
-Delete songs from On-The-Go playlists
-Select reading playback speed for audiobooks
-Hear Click Wheel clicker through headphones
Sync and go with improved disconnect performance

New Updates for Click Wheel iPods
-Compatibility with iTunes 4.7 and the iTunes Music Store
-Improved USB 2.0 connectivity