• Medlem
  • 2004-10-07 20:18

Iconfactory lanserar CandyBar 2.0

Applications mode
• Allows you to set the icons on any of your installed applications
• Allows you to save out iContainers of your replacement app icons
Volumes mode
• Lets you easily change the icons on your mounted hard drives
App Extras mode
• Drag and drop an app to set its toolbar and document icons
• Quickly select between recently edited applications via the Action button
Auto-updating keeps CandyBar in synch with the latest icon data and OS X releases
Includes all-new iContainers:
• Smoothicons 5 (system replacements)
• Smoothicons Apps (application replacements)
• Somatic (system replacements)
• Somatic Apps (application replacements)
CandyBar no longer requires a Log Out to change System icons
Added several new icons for customization including:
• Generic Application
• Generic Font Document
• Alias arrow

Prepared CandyBar for future versions of Mac OS X


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