Vi har förmånen att bjuda in till ett seminarie med inriktning på utvecklare och andra som är införstådda med de tyngre bitarna av grafikhanteringen i en modern datormiljö.
Låter nedanstående intressant, boka plats då det är först till kvarn som gäller.
OpenGL 2.0

In this session we will go through the radical changes introduced in OpenGL version 2.0 and the new APIs CoreImage, CoreVideo, and OpenAL found in Apples upcoming "Tiger" release of OSX.

We will explore the new capabilities of Modern GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). The last generations have seen a tremendous evolution of Graphics hardware from simple single purpose fixed state hardware, to a powerful general purpose hardware that can outperform even the fastest CPUs. The trend of a declining CPU development and he exponential growth in GPU power makes them very attractive for software developers even outside the realm of Games and 3D applications.

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Seminariehållare: Eskil Steenberg

Eskil Steenberg is a Graphics researcher who has been a participant in the standards group that develops OpenGL (known at the ARB) for the last five years.