Jobs får utmärkelse av Wired

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Tidningen Wired presenterar sina "2004 Wired Rave Awards" och i kategorin Renegade of the Year så går priset till Steve Jobs med motiveringen For imagining iTunes and Finding Nemo (then ditching Disney).

Steve Jobs has always prided himself on thinking different. Now the rest of the world is coming around.

As CEO of both Apple and Pixar, Jobs is setting the agenda in digital entertainment. At the start of 2003, the recording industry chastised Apple for promoting piracy with the iPod and its "Rip. Mix. Burn." ad campaign - which one record executive told Wired was like saying "Fuck you, record labels." But Jobs convinced the industry that technology was its friend. Last April, he launched the iTunes Music Store with support from the five major labels. By October, Apple had a Windows version and was on its way to a catalog of half a million songs. Sales by year's end: 30 million songs. Jobs has made the world safe for legal downloads; we will never look back.

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