Nedräkningen har börjat Saxat från Inside Mac Games:

...GameSpy has learned that Epic is set to make an announcement regarding the UT 2004 demo around 9AM PST Wednesday morning, and everything seems to be pointing towards an imminent release, possibly as early as Wednesday afternoon.


Update: Epic has just confirmed that the PC and Linux demos of Unreal Tournament 2004 will be released today at 12 PM Pacific. We are still waiting word on the Mac version. Stay tuned!

Update #2: A helpful reader from sent in a quote from Ryan Gordon, confirming the Mac version should be out today as well. When asked if the Mac demo would be made available today, Gordon responded:
Yes, it will. The Mac version is going through last-minute sanity checking right now, and then going to mirrors. It might be out at the same time as Windows, but it might lag by an hour or so.

Edit: Länk...