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  • 2004-01-16 20:44

"Apple introduces Logic Pro 6 and Logic Express. This brings Apple's audio offerings (GarageBand, Logic Express, and Logic Pro) to a similar setup with its three levels of video editors (iMovie, Final Cut Express, and Final Cut Pro). Logic Pro boasts new innovative software instruments, including Sculpture, a new component-modeling based synthesizer, and UltraBeat, a deep and rich percussion synthesizer that provides multiple synthesis techniques for generating every type of electronic or acoustic drum sound imaginable. You can read the press releases for the Preview of Logic and the announcement of Logic Pro and Logic Express. Logic Pro is priced at US$999, while Logic Express is priced at US$299. Today is also the launch of iLife '04 which comes with GarageBand, the new iLife app for music creation."

Vet inte om detta är något av intresse men...

Attans, såg inte att någon postat om det innan.
typiskt att inte kolla igenom först.

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