Saxat ur pressmeddelande från Real .

AAC och $0.99 per sång hehe.... ojdå, men - positivt att de anammar AAC (192kb/s, högre än itunes music store ) istället för WMA, gott för Apple

Great New Music Store and Free Music Guide
With an integrated music download store and music jukebox, and an extensive free music guide, RealPlayer 10 makes it easier than ever to discover, purchase and manage digital music. Powered by the extensive and easy-to-use music directory of the award-winning Rhapsody digital music service, the RealPlayer Music Store is expected to include 400,000 by the end of January 2004 in the highest quality of any download store: 192 Kb/s RealAudio 10 with AAC. Music tracks are priced at $0.99 with most albums at $9.99. For the next 10 days, U.S. consumers who download RealPlayer 10 will be able to purchase their first track for only $0.10. Consumers can transfer tracks purchased in the RealPlayer Music Store to the Creative Zen Xtra as well as seven models of PalmOne devices, including most of the Tungsten models, the Zire 71, and the Treo 600. The RealPlayer music guide includes free music videos, exclusive live performance recordings, complete CD listening parties, and more than 3,000 Internet radio stations.