En skön liten pryl..

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  • 2004-01-10 08:58

En skön liten pryl..
Klippt från ibiz press release...:

Virtual Laser Keyboard is now
shipping. The innovative device attaches to PDAs and projects the image of a
full-size keyboard onto the surface of the desk where the PDA is placed,
making it easy to input text without a physical keyboard.
"The Virtual Laser Keyboard leverages the power of laser and infrared
technology and projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface," said
Ken Schilling, President and Chief Executive Officer of iBIZ Technology
Corp. "As you type on that projection; it realizes what you're typing by the
coordinates of that location."

The Virtual Laser Keyboard requires no special training. The keyboard
employs a USB/serial cable connection to communicate with the PDA or PC.
Future models will incorporate Bluetooth and/or IR Wireless Connections to a
variety of devices. The light weight device weighs two ounces and is similar
in size to a disposable cigarette lighter. The Virtual Laser Keyboard
includes a self-contained, rechargeable lithium ion battery. It provides the
Virtual Laser Keyboard with its own internal power supply, so it doesn't
drain any battery power from the PDA or PC. The battery lasts three to four
hours, more than enough time to do some instant messaging and SMS messaging
from the handheld device or to update calendar and phone book entries.

The Virtual Laser Keyboard is ideal for well-lit offices. It's also an
excellent choice for any workplace that has clean rooms and medical
facilities, and any industry that requires a dirt-free environment. In the
education industry keyboards are the highest single point of failure due to
the constant abuse they receive on a daily basis. The classroom keyboard
also harbors an incredible amount of debris and germs. Our Virtual Keyboard
will eliminate not only the cost of maintaining mechanical keyboards in
volatile locations, but will help to maintain a healthy environment as wel

Den där var på CeBit för ett par år sedan har jag för mig.

(du ser t.ex. att det är en gammal palm vx på bilden)


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  • 2004-01-10 14:43

Skrevs ursprungligen av Ciryon
Den där var på CeBit för ett par år sedan har jag för mig.

Yes jag kommer ihåg den, såg den i någon tidning eller så! Men sedan har jag inte hört ett dugg om den.

Fan vad coolt! kan man koppa den till datorn?

Fick inte ett svenskt företag pris för "Best in show" eller dylikt på CeBit för några år sedan med en liknande produkt?

Njae det var väl en kvinna som utvecklat en slags "torghandlarvante" (alltså avklippta fingrar) (nej inte på DET sättet...) med elektroder som kände av fingerrörelserna.

Funkar alltså bara om du inte skolkade från maskinskrivningen i skolan

Bevaka tråden