Tipsade att en MDD går att få betydligt svalare och tystare och dom skrev följande som ursprungligen rapporterades om här tack vare "Frodo":
MDD G4 owner report on using CHUD tools Nap mode for Cooler CPUs - Disabling CHUD Tools' Hardware System control "Nap" mode was a common fix for the 'chirping/squealing' noise from the P.S. in G5s as mentioned in this previous article, but a Mirror Drive Door Dual G4/1GHz owner wrote that enabling Nap mode significantly reduced his CPU temperatures. The current CHUD tools version is 3.0.2 available from Apple FTP Developer Tools directory as well as the usual VT/MU sites. (BTW - a recent email from a MDD owner regarding overheating CPUs said it was due to poor condition of the Heatsink thermal paste/pad. Odd for a new model computer but he said cleaning the contact area and reapplying paste solved the problem. Other cooling tips for MDD owners posted here in the past have been installing the Copper dual 1.42GHz model heatsink (appx $65.) in dual 1GHz/1.25GHz models and using a cheap PCI slot cooler .) Here's the MDD owner's comments from an email yesterday on Chud Tools Nap mode (tip he said came from site):

" I think that THIS could be a very hot and importent news that I just publiched at G4Noise. My MDD 2x1 GHz had aprox. 61°C constantly - I just installed "CHUD 3.0.2" and is now down under 40°C due to "Power naping" from this Apple application... it's very strange and I cant explain why. (I believe Nap mode lets the CPU throttle down frequently during idle periods basically, independent of the normal energy saver settings.)

Olle J. "