Enligt brittiska PC pro är klara försämringar att vänta - och det ganska snart. Man kan ju tycka att man borde hört något från .mac om det.

"OS 9 iDisk support to end in December
[PC Pro] 15:42

In a further sign of Apple's concentration on Mac OS X, the company is to effectively end support for accessing iDisks from Mac OS 9-based systems from the beginning of December.

From 2 December, users of OS 9 will be able to download, but not upload, files on iDisk servers from within the operating system. Access from OS 9 will be switched off completely on 20 January 2004.

The company is converting is converting iDisk to use only the WebDAV protocol, instead of both WebDAV and AFP. Although Mac OS X supports WebDAV natively, OS 9 requires third party software to access WebDAV volumes.

Apple is recommending that users of OS 9 migrate to Goliath, a free open source application for accessing any WebDAV server that specifically supports iDisk in its File menu.

Simon Aughton"