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We're now shipping the new version of the original CoolPad. It's basically the same but the new shape makes it more stable with the larger laptops

The $29.95 adjustable Podium CoolPad is best for full time use on your desk. The smaller, lighter $19.95 Traveler CoolPad is more portable

As an example, many court reporters use the smaller CoolPad as they are always on the move. If you use a laptop on a plane, the Traveler is a good choice.

We have a bundle deal... both for $39.95 (saves $10)

We'll have more pictures and info on this site in the next few hours.


Designed to easily fit in any laptop bag.
Nothing to attach or assemble, laptops run cooler, pivots 360 degrees, works with any laptop and guaranteed for life.


Har just skickat ett mail till Roadtools för att fråga vad det skulle kosta att beställa den från Sverige. Har även väckt frågan om större kvantiteter så om någon annan är intresserad får ni gärna skicka ett PM.

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