Långa filnamn & Firewire HD?

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  • 2003-10-17 15:22

Hello..kanske nån som har ett smart svar?
När jag ska flytta över t.ex mp3 till min firewireHD(ONE Highfly 120gb) så vägrar den ta imot filer med långa filnamn. Samma filnamn som funkar utmärkt på den stationära.

Någon som har märkt samma sak??

Svar från Lacies hemsida:

Getting error -50 when copying data in OS X.

Some LaCie drives ship out formatted FAT32 so they will be ready to use on either a Mac or a PC. If you are getting error -50 when copying to a LaCie drive, or any drive formatted for PC, it is because of the following:

Certain characters that can be used in a Mac OS X filename are not allowed in MS-DOS filenames. This can prevent the file from being copied, and can occur when a filename contains non-printing ASCII characters, or any of these characters: ? / \ < > " | > *.

Either copy the data off of the drive and use Apple's Disk Utility to erase the drive in HFS+ format, or change the filenames of the documents that cannot be copied.

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