Råd, DVD brännare till G4 400mhz?

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  • Kristianstad
  • 2003-10-13 00:07

Hej behöver lite större utrymme än CD att bränna på.
Tänkte köpa en DVD brännare.
Vad rekommenderar ni för en?
Bör även hantera CD skivor.

En Pioneer DVR-105, intern. har en sådan i min G4 450 MP. Funkar kalasbra!

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  • Kristianstad
  • 2003-10-13 16:09

Fann inte Pioneer DVR-105.
Nu säljer man Pioneer DVR-106 kombinerad DVD-/+RW och CD-RW.

"OBS! Denna modell stöds inte av iDVD ännu, troligen kommer stöd för denna modell när Apple släpper nästa version av iDVD."

Har någon hört om denna brännare kommer att fungera med iDVD, som det sägs ovan?

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  • 2003-10-13 18:15

Det här hittade jag i xlr8yourmac's databas

Reviewer's Name: John Rossbach
Date Submitted: 10/6/2003
Drive Type: DVD+R/RW + DVD-R/RW Drives
Drive Interface: IDE
Drive Brand: Pioneer
Drive Model Number: DVR-106
Driver Used: Apple Standard
Mac Model: Apple G4 AGP Slot
Mac OS Version: OS X
Reader Comments: Installed OS X 10.2.8 yesterday. Today I received the DVR-106 and installed it on my 733 Quicksilver Mac. (Replaced the existing one in the only bay).
It couldn't have been easier. It took about 10 minutes to remove and replace the old drive. It appears to be compatible with everything, although I haven't tried burning anything yet. iTunes, iDVD, iPhoto and Toast 5.1.2 all recognize the drive. Toast shows "Buffer Underrun Protection" under the Recorder Info. The only question that I still have is: Now that I have the internal "Superdrive", the Apple Software Update wants to install a firmware update, which it says is required for my Quicksilver G4. Will this cause problems, since this is not an original Apple drive? My current firmware is 1.05. Thanks for all the info! Your site was invaluable in determining which drive I should choose, and whether or not it would work.

Enligt det här verkar iDVD fungera, observera att 10.2.7 eller högre behövs för att det ska fungera.

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  • Kristianstad
  • 2003-10-13 20:13

Kommentar på texten.
"Mike Comments: Yes, but try burning a DVD disc (DVD-R or DVD+R, doesn't matter from what I've seen). I see no option in the burn dialog (when burning DVDs) with both Toast 5.2.1 and Toast 6 when trying to burn a DVD to my DVR-106 (even an apple rom drive).
Lots of past reports (verified) that note Buffer Underrun Protection when burning _DVDs_ (not CDs). I hope they fix that in a future update... (Check the option again when trying to burn a DVD disc - you'll see it's grayed out, at least with Toast 5.2.1 and Toast 6.0) "

Varför skall det vara så krångligt att köpa tillbehör till macen.....

"The version of the Pioneer DVR-A06 and all previous versions of the DVD-RW drives supplied by Apple are based on Pioneer designs, they may be detected by an Apple computer as a Pioneer drive, however they are not standard Pioneer drives.
They are special versions of the drives designed and manufactured by Pioneer for supply by Apple, they have hugely different firmwares and also Apple Boot ROMs. The normal Pioneer DVD-RW drives may work to a degree in an Apple computer but due to the fact that they were never sold by Pioneer as Apple compatible.
drives we do not have any plans to make any form of Apple firmware update programs.
I see. Despite the fact that that drive is currently fitted to some of the new Dual 2Ghz G5s and has native support in OS 10.3 Panther??? "(The DVR-106D is one of the two OEM Superdrives shipping in new G5s - most Single G5 owners to date reported the OEM Sony DW-U10A but two G5 Dual owners (including me) have the DVR-106D model inside, but with Apple firmware "A606" which I suspect is a apple version of the retail 1.06 firmware.-Mike) (again they did for the DVR-103, 104 and 105 models, but may not for the 106 model-Mike)

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  • Kristianstad
  • 2003-10-13 20:17

Är det bara de DVD-brännare som säljs via Apple som fungerar med iDVD m.m.
Eller skall man strunta i iDVD och bara förlita sig på brännarprogram som tex Toast, den kanske klarar allt detta ändå?
Hur är kompabiliteten med andra DVD program?

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