Wi-Fi-diagnos - gömt program i Lion

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Det finns ett program "gömt" i Lion som heter Wi-Fi-diagnos och som kan användas för att diagnosticera, inspektera och prestandakolla wifi-nät, något som Acke tagit upp en gång i en annan tråd, men som kan vara värt sin egen tråd.

Man kan starta det genom att skriva

open /System/Library/CoreServices/'Wi-Fi Diagnostics.app'

i Terminalen.

Såhär skriver Maintain:

In Lion there is a hidden Wi-Fi diagnostic utility that you can use to monitor your signal strength, capture traffic or review debug logs. If you ever have any problems with your Wi-Fi network (or you want to see what your microwave does to the network) this is the tool to use. You can find the application in the /System/Library/CoreServices/ folder but to make life easier you can easily create a shortcut to it in your Utilities folder. To do this, open the Terminal and paste the line below and press Enter (remember that it will ask for your password):

sudo ln -s /System/Library/CoreServices/'Wi-Fi Diagnostics.app' /Applications/Utilities


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