APE syns inte i AirPort Utility trots fabriksåterställning.

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Anyone an expert on Airport Express? I want to extend my existing WiFi through an APE but the problem is it doesn't show up in the Airport Utility Tool, so there's no way to configure it. I have tried to restore to factory settings but nothing happens. I'm only getting a steady yellow light. Please help!

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Are you connected to the Express via ethernet? If not you need to access it with WiFi of course and by default Apple routers usually turn up in your nearby WiFi as "Apple Network XXXXX" where the X:s are random letters and digits.
Though I recommend to use ethernet when configuring the device.
What kind of main router are you using? If you use an Airport Extreme it's important to check the box that says "Allow this network to be extended" under Manual Setup/Wireless/

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