Väcka iMac över internet

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Hur gör jag lättast för att väcka min iMac hemma från vila när jag själv sitter på jobbet med en Win XP-maskin?

Airport Extreme trådat till iMac 27".


Edit: Om det finns möjlighet att väcka med hjälp av iPhone så funkar det också. Har dock endast edgetäckning och inget WiFi på jobbet.

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  • 2010-12-05 12:18

Jag tror lättaste sättet skulle vara att använda en av flertalet internetsidor som har en "wake-on-lan" service.
Kopierade ett sätt från Mac OS X Hints. Hoppas det hjälper! (EDIT: Detta fungerar med all sannolikhet i Safari på iPhonen också)

For those unfamiliar with wake-on-LAN: a specially-formed data packet containing your ethernet device's MAC address can be used to tell your computer to wake up. Most implementations of this functionality work only on your LAN. They send the packet to your TCP network's broadcast address so it goes to all the computers available on the local network. Only the one with the matching MAC address will actually wake up. However, I found a website that will send the magic packet for you to any IP address (and you could probably roll your own site using sample Perl scripts that are readily accessible via Google). So, here's how to make it work. Instructions are for the interface in 10.3 and 10.4, though this will work with any Mac OS version on any hardware that supports wake-on-LAN. And before anyone asks: yes, the computer must be connected via ethernet.

On the Mac to be woken up:

1. Open Energy Saver preferences and, in the Options tab, enable "Wake for Ethernet network administrator access".
2. Open Network preferences. Double-click the ethernet interface, then select the Ethernet tab. Write down the "Ethernet ID"; you'll need to have this with you when you attempt the wake. This Mac must be configured so that the IP address doesn't change. Using most home routers, the DHCP leases never expire anyway so this won't be a problem. Otherwise, the TCP/IP option "Using DHCP with manual address" is worth exploring.

On your router:

1. Forward a port to the Mac you want to wake up. You'll need to do this anyway for whatever service you want to access (like port 22 for SSH). You do not need to open an additional port just for the wake feature.
2. Take note of your router's external IP address. If it changes frequently, you'll need a way to keep an updated record of what it is (beyond the scope of this hint).

Now, to actually perform the wake:

1. Go to Depicus Wake On Lan over the Internet.
2. On the form, fill in the MAC address, IP, and port from above. I'm not sure if the MAC address needs hyphens like the example data does.
3. For the subnet mask, fill in "".

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  • 2010-12-09 09:45

Är detta för inloggning utifrån? I systeminställningar under strömsparare kan du kryssa i "Vakna för Ethernet-nätverksåtkomst", finns även "schema" där om du vill väcka datorn vid vissa tider återkommande.

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