XtraLean Software, företaget bakom ImageWell och ShutterBug, håller på att närma sig en skarp version av sitt senaste projekt: DataLore

Det finns ingen information om DataLore på hemsidan ännu, men såhär beskriver dom det i ett mejl till registrerade ägare av ImageWell:

DataLore is a new and unique front end to Spotlight - it is a file finding utility that uses Spotlight and Bonjour technology to make it easier and faster to search and share files on your computer, as well as on other computers on your network.

Here are just some of the unique features and capabilities of DataLore:

- Search locally or search other computers on the network
- Patent-Pending lightning fast "search-as-you-type" technology
- Select folders to include and exclude in your searches
- Filter searches by file types
- DataLore is both a Dock application and Menu Bar application
- Plus much more!

If you only have one Mac, you'll love DataLore for its speed! If you have more than one Mac, you'll go Ga-Ga over the speed and flexibility of finding and retrieving files for ALL of your Macs, while comfortably seated at your Mac du jour!

As with all of our other products, DataLore is lean and powerful with a clean, easy to use interface. And at an affordable price for one serial number that can be used on up to 5 computers.

Senaste betaversionen av DataLore går att ladda ner från deras forum.

Jag har inte testat det själv, men utifrån kommentarerna på MacUpdate verkar det vara bra.

Och ärligt talat, så frustrerande begränsat som Spotlight är idag så finns det mycket utrymme för förbättringar.