• Medlem
  • Stockholm
  • 2009-05-12 23:32

What's included?
This update includes improvements listed below, as well as ones delivered with the Mac OS X Server version 10.5.1, 10.5.2, 10.5.3, 10.5.4, 10.5.5 and 10.5.6 updates.

Note: The improvements listed for AFP Client, Directory Services (Client) and Client Management are delivered in the Mac OS X v10.5.7 Update (client update), but are described in this article for ease of reference. The AFP Client and Directory Services (Client) improvements also apply to Mac OS X Server v10.5.7 when the server is used as a client of another AFP or directory server.

AFP Server
• Addresses a delay in seeing Finder label changes made by another user to a file located on an AFP volume. Such changes will now be immediately visible to other users.
• Fixes visibility of nested sharepoints. If you mount an AFP volume that contains another sharepoint, the nested sharepoint will now be visible.

AFP Client
• Improves Finder search results for network volumes that may not support Spotlight searching, such as Mac OS X Server v10.4, Time Capsule, and third-party AFP servers.
• Correctly disconnects from the server if you unmount multiple volumes at once.
• Improves reliability of displaying messages sent from server.

Client Management
• Non-admin user accounts can now be allowed to add and remove printers by enabling Parental Controls and selecting "Can administer printers". For more information, see this article.
• Fixes an issue in which users in one group could access printers assigned to another group. For more information, see this article.
• Resolves an issue in which the user list might not show all available managed users after one logs out.
• Improves enforcement of the "Local administrators may refresh or disable management" option when disabled for Active Directory users.
• A sharepoint that is mounted as a managed login item will no longer prompt for authentication if it is configured to be hidden.
• Improves handling of custom Portable Home Directory sync settings.
• FileVault can now be enabled for a user with a Portable Home Directory while the user is offline (that is, when their computer is not connected to the management server).

Directory Services (Client)
• Resolves an issue that could cause Directory Service configuration files to become unreadable, causing directory binding to not work. For more information, see this article.
• Improves handling of a record mapped to a non-existent search base, improving compatibility with Mac OS X Server v10.4 Open Directory servers and third-party directory servers.
• Improves stability of Directory Service on NIS clients.
• Open Directory users can now authenticate against a Kerberos Domain Controller other than the Open Directory master.

Directory Services (Server)
• Improves reliability when promoting an Open Directory replica to Open Directory master.

Mail Services
• Improved logging and log rotation by Mail service processes.
• /var/amavis/amavisd.pid file is now cleaned up on relaunch if the Mail service unexpectedly quits.

RADIUS Services
• Provides compatibility with AirPort Extreme (Early 2009) and Time Capsule (Early 2009).

Wiki Services
• Improves wiki editing.

Server Admin
• Addresses an issue that could cause the Netboot service to be shown as unavailable ("grayed out") in Server Admin.
• Added NetBoot/NetInstall model filters for Macs introduced in early 2009.

Server Preferences
• Administrators can now remove sharepoints in Server Preferences.

Workgroup Manager
• When importing preferences, "Import as ByHost preferences" is now available when selecting a ByHost preference file whose name contains a UUID identifier instead of a MAC address identifier.
• Improves ability to pick Login and Logout scripts when setting Login preferences in
Workgroup Manager.

System Image Utility
• Improves stability when adding a metapackage to a workflow.
If you set up a workflow with the "Change ByHost preferences to match client after install" option enabled, the preferences will now be correctly applied on computers whose ByHost preference file names contain a UUID identifier instead of a MAC address identifier.
•Added NetBoot/NetInstall model filters for Macs introduced in early 2009.

Addtional improvements
• Improves kernel stability.
• Improves Mac OS X Server Security. For more information about the security content of Mac OS X Server 10.5.7 see this article.
• Mac OS X Server 10.5.7 also includes all other improvements delivered in the Mac OS X 10.5.7 Update (client update).