Sorry this is in English but I need help with iMac mic

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My iMac internal mic has recently stopped working. When i speak to people on iChat all they hear is a buzzing noise.

I have no apple care package and they will not help me. I was wondering if there was anywhere in Sweden where I could take my iMac for someone to fix the problem for me, I live in östersund but am prepared to travel to Stockholm or wherever if this is the only place to get it fixed.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.


If you wish to reply in Swedish then please do so, I can read and speak Swedish but i am terrible at writing in Swedish.

There is one in Östersund, here is Apple's homepage where you can find all of Apples service providers in Europe.

There is one in Östersund,
Stortorger 3
83130 Östersund
Tel: 063–180900


Cheers Adam, I often walk past that Holodeck but didn't know they would be able to help. I will give them a try

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