Airport Express+PS3+Medialink Hjälp!

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Har skaffat en PS3 och har tänkt att använda den som trådlöst mediacenter tillsammans med min iMac och Airport Express. Efter att ha läst massvis med forum bestämde jag mig för Medialink från Nullriver, främst för att det verkade så lätt och smidigt. Jo tack, bara det fungerar...Är det någon här på forumet som har fått igång det hela så är jag otroligt tacksam att få reda på vilka inställningar man måste göra. Jag har testat med typ allting känns det som, men PS3an hittar ingen mediaserver överhuvudtaget. Jag har i alla fall fått internet att fungera på PS3. De saker som jag har laborerat med utan framgång är: Brandvägg av/på, vissa portar öppna samt portkoppling på expressen, NAT-portkopplingskontroll aktiverad/ej aktiverad. Jag har dessutom ominstallerat Medialink ett antal gånger. Jag har OSX 10.4.11 och Expressens firmware V6.3. Under TCP/IP i nätverksinställningar står det att datorn har IP-adressen och routern PS3 har adressen Medialink har för närvarande ingen support, så snälla hjälp mig någon!

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  • 2009-01-13 16:58

Jag har samma problem fast jag har en airport extrem och försöker koppla upp mig via Medialink. Men misslyckas totalt. Hittar ingen bra steg-för-steg-guide heller. Hjälp?

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  • 2009-01-14 09:20

i ps3ans nätverksinställningar måste du aktivera mediaserver om du inte redan gjort det. medialink är sjukt bra, jag använde medialink fram till häromdagen, då jag hittade den här: som är bättre imho. gör transcoding och spelar fler format. och är gratis.

655321 Tack för tipset! Laddade ner det och se på f-n det funkade! Det enda jag inte har lyckats med är att streama filmer, antingen får jag felmeddelandet att data är skadat eller så är det ett DLNA fel 2006. Ingen aning vad det beror på men ska börja gräva lite djupare så snart jag har tid. Kan kanske bero på min gamla häck till dator som har några år på nacken...

För er som vill fortsätta bråka med Medialink så kan jag vidarebefordra en liten guide jag fick efter att ha mejlat dem.

-- For networking problem's if you cant connect to your PS3 or if you get errors:

First try restarting your router, especially if it did work fine and now doesn't

-- PS3 Latest firmware + updates
Firstly make sure your console is running newest firmware update.
You can check for updates on the PS3 by simply loading the Sony Store or checking for updates under System, it will automatically let you know of any updates if there are any available.
Make sure your running the latest version of Medialink also, check the version number under the 'About' tab against the version on our website.
Also try updating your Router to the latest firmware.

-- Regarding MP4 X264 Movies
If you are getting error 80711008 during Movie playback this is most likely caused by a huge bug with the PS3 itself. Playback is fine once a movie is copied to the PS3 via it's copy command however we understand how inconvenient and slow that can be. If other movies formats at similar bitrates play fine then it is most likely this bug that is effecting you, if you have problems with other movie formats as well then something else is afflicting you such as network issues so please read on. This only affects MP4 movie playback, we're looking into the matter to see if any workaround is possible but it looks like it will have to wait for Sony to fix it with an update. Increasing your network connection speed (moving to wired or improving wireless signal) and lowering the bitrate of movies seems to reduce or negate this error.

Ensure your PS3 is properly connected to your local network. You can test your PS3's internet connection using the built in Internet browser or verifying that online gameplay works as expected.

If you own a modem thats also a router make sure it's not in 'Bridge Mode'. It must be set in NAT/IP sharing mode. One way to check if your in 'Bridge Mode' is by checking what IP address's have been assigned to your mac and xbox. They should be IP's like, etc, if they are seemingly unrelated/random looking like 43.67.434.13 something is setup wrong.

If MediaLink sees the PS3, but the PS3 can't find MediaLink then it's probably a firewall issue. You should try disabling any firewall active on your Mac. If the connection then works and you still wish to use a firewall make sure you open up ports 9386 and 1900 on the firewall. Also, ensure that broadcast packets are allowed.

Are you using more than one router or a wireless range extender? Some of these devices fail to forward broadcast packets across the networks they create. The UPNP technology used by the PS3 and MediaLink requires broadcast packets to be successfuly delivered between devices. Try connecting your Mac and PS3 to the same routing device to see if this is the cause of the problem.

Depending on your router make and model (excluding Apple-brand routers), it may be necessary to connect both your Mac and PS3 to the same network interface type. That is, if your Mac is connected using wireless then your PS3 should also be connected using wireless. The same applies to wired connections, if your Mac is connected via a wired Ethernet connection then your PS3 may need to be connected using Ethernet as well. Ensure your router is running the latest firmware, as router firmware updates often correct important issues that may be related. Failing all else, try resetting your router to factory default settings and starting from scratch.

If you are using a cross-over cable or Internet Sharing on your Mac, you may need to manually configure the Mac's and the PS3's IP addresses (do not use Automatic or DHCP configuration). If possible, we recommend using a hardware router for linking your Mac and PS3.

If you experience disconnection issues while streaming media using MediaLink, you may have an unreliable router that is automatically restarting due to internal errors (such as being overloaded with requests). This may be especially evident if you also loose the ability to connect to the Internet or other computers periodically. Using peer-to-peer file sharing software such as BitTorrent can seriously upset such a router. You can try turning off your file sharing client to see if that alleviates the problem.

If you are using a wireless connection and find you get disconnections, stuttering, pausing or random DLNA errors; make sure you are using at least 802.11g if you are trying to stream video. If you are using 802.11g or faster, the cause of the problem may be radio signal interference. Try connecting your devices using Ethernet cable to test if this is the cause of the problem. If it is, it may help to change the router's wireless signal broadcast channel. For example, if your router is currently using Channel 1, try using Channel 6 or 11. Other things to try include positioning your wireless devices differently or closer together with a clearer line of sight to each other and avoiding interference from other devices such as 2.4 Ghz cordless phones. For video streaming, generally, using a wired Ethernet connection is preferred.

Imagine you have your videos stored on a wireless Apple TimeCapsule and your Mac is wirelessly connected to your router and so is your PS3, that puts a large strain on the wireless, in such situation's try and have as many devices as possible on Wired, so try to Wire the PS3, or your Mac or best, wire all devices if possible. Also if your using a TimeCapsule or other NAS try copying the Movies to your Mac and stream from that instead if possible.

You can also copy the Movies to the PS3, this is done from the PS3 itself, press the "Triangle" button when you are over the media item you wish to copy and goto "Copy" this will copy the file to your PS3's harddrive. Once copied it will playback with no stuttering as it's stored locally.

If the connection just seems slow or delayed, again it will be a wifi issue or a badly designed router at fault. Say it takes a long time after clicking to play a song, for it to actually star playing.

It may also be possible that your router is struggling with heavy load. It may struggle especially if you use P2P applications like BitTorrent, Azureus and so on. Routers can become unstable after a period of heavy use so try turning the router off and on again. If it behaves better immediately after this and eventually becomes unstable again then your router is probably the problem.

If playback stops completely and you get an error message. First check if you can access the internet via the PS3 web browser or the Sony Store if you cannot access those then your PS3 has suffered an internal crash and needs to be restarted. If you can access those just fine then goto MediaLink on your Mac and check it's still running and check the 'Devices' tab. If MediaLink or your computer freezes, crashes or stops please contact us.

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