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  • 2008-11-07 11:57

Antagligen bara snack men det är i alla fall. Tänk om det skulle bli så.
AppleInsider | Microsoft considers adopting WebKit for Internet Explorer

Tillägg: Tydligen så är det en skräpartikel om man ska lyssna på en av kommentarerna: This story is amazingly inaccurate. Though I can't quote exactly what Steve said, I was present at the talk and he in no way implied that Webkit would ever be used for IE. He did say it was interesting, but he also firmly stated that a proprietary closed-source engine is the solution MS has chosen and they are going to stick with it. The main reason is so that they can implement proprietary extensions before they are standards -- something Google is doing with Chrome, before you get all anti-Microsoft (Gears, for example, they even mention this in their delightful little comic).

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