Finns det någon som kan berätta något om det kanadensiska webbhotellet iWeb. Dom förefaller vara otroligt stora då man kollar den film som dom har på:

Dedicated Servers and Colocation Datacenters in Montreal, Canada by iWeb

När jag kollar deras priser så funderar jag seriöst på att köpa deras erbjudande som ger 600GB diskutrymme, fri trafik. Visst dom har kortare avtalsperioder typ 1, 2, 5 år. För 10 år så vill dom ha 1.67 dollar/månad som man betalar i förväg. Det finstilta med reglerna säger följande:

Terms and conditions of iWeb's Shared Hosting offers.

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to inform the consumer about the specifications and limitation of iWeb’s shared hosting services. You can find all these specifications in the main terms and conditions available here.

It is very important to introduce these conditions since shared hosting implies that customers will be shared physical ressources with each other and iWeb wants to provide the best web hosting service experience.

Please note that iWeb will be the only one to deem if you respect or not the following terms and conditions.

Disk space

The storage capacity provided with the hosting plan you have purchased is defined as disk space. It is used in order place content such as your web page (pictures, video, sounds...), databases, email accounts and backups.

In order to use this space, you have to respect the following conditions:

Disk space usage

You may only store your website's content. It is forbidden to use it for personal or unrelated pieces of data that are not part of your website.

If iWeb detects you are using the disk space to that purpose, iWeb can end the web hosting contract, and refund the amount you have paid in advance.

High reliability and backup systems

In some cases, iWeb could host your website on a server that does not include all features that are otherwise included (zero downtime architecture, backups). It could happen if:

The amount of disk space you use increases at a fast pace
The storage may not contain a large amount of files bigger than 100MB
The majority of your content may not reside in ZIP or RAR archives occupying more than 5% of your disk space.
If you are found to be violating the above conditions, iWeb's support staff will notify you about the feature modifications of your web hosting plan.

Unmetered bandwidth

iWeb does not calculate the bandwidth used by your websites and you have no data transfer limit from your account (disk space) to your visitors.

However, you are limited by system resource usage. iWeb could step in if your bandwidth usage causes latency or availability problems to other customers on the network.

System resources

The most important limitation of a shared web hosting service is the resources allocation. System resources are mainly CPU RAM, which are used by softwares and your websites.

iWeb limits its “all inclusive, 5 star web hosting” customers to a 2% system resource usage. It is a maximum of 2% of the total system resources that can be used by a single customer. That applies to all clients hosted on the same server.

Panelbox, your web hosting control panel, allows you to verify the system resources level used by all your applications, softwares and websites. Panelbox should help you target and fix processes that require a lot of system resources of our servers.

If your account uses too much system resources, iWeb's support staff will notify you.

In this situation, you have 2 solutions. You can fix the situation by using less system resources or you can migrate to a dedicated server. In some cases, where the use of resources would reduce the availability of services to other customers, your site could be temporarily moved to an independent server for a period of up to 48 hours so you can fix the situation.

These rules are written to prevent misuse of the iWeb’s offers (bandwidth, disk space and system resources) in order to give assure your entire satisfaction using the amazing iWeb web hosting offers.

These rules are in place to avoid any abuse of service (bandwidth, disk space and system resources) in order to assure your entire satisfaction using the amazing iWeb web hosting offers.