Tjänsten my1Password läggs ned den 15 november, läs mer här:
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De skriver bland annat att skälen är:

  1. Cost and time required to create and maintain the web site. We need a robust and large enough cluster (i.e. many machines working together) to support any potential spikes in demand. Currently, as many people in this thread point out, there are many people experiencing timeout problems because we do not have a big enough cluster to handle everyone (and we're still in private Alpha!).

  2. The my1Password web site is a central point of failure; if it goes down all our customers lose the ability to sync and view their data online. While I'm confident we could make a robust system, I have watched Research In Motion spend millions of dollars on infrastructure and yet they still experience frequent Blackberry blackouts. This and similar stories cause me to doubt the wisdom of a centralized approach.

  3. Many people do not trust storing their data on any remote server, regardless of how strong the encryption is.

  4. Having a central location for everyone's data makes it an attractive target for criminals. Even though my1Password takes many precautions and everyone encrypts their data before sending it there, criminals may feel the potential reward is worth investing time in trying. For example, the cost of setting up a Phishing web site is so low that anyone can do it.

Jag skulle gissa att det helt och hållet beror på skäl nummer 1, dvs det blev för kostsamt och komplicerat att driva tjänsten på den nivå som behövdes. Alla andra skäl kände de ju till när de skapade tjänsten, så det kan ju inte komma som en överraskning i efterhand.

För synkning så rekommenderar de numera andra alternativ och när det gäller webbaccess så har de andra lösningar pågång:

As for the second killer feature of accessing your data anywhere, we think we have a solution for that without requiring a server "in the cloud". The new Agile Keychain will contain a completely stand-alone web application, namely a replica of the my1Password web service, but running completely from your local hard drive. Users can then put their keychain on a USB jumpdrive or push it to their iDisk or other trusted web server and access their data from anywhere.

This second feature, just like my1Password itself, is still a work in progress. I have effectively proven the technology can work but still need to spend a few weeks to polish it and get it ready. This will be happening over the coming months.

Att det är just den 15 november står inte rakt ut där, men stod i ett nyhetsbrev som skickades ut till kunderna och nämns i ett inlägg här bland annat.