BIAS, utvecklarna av Peak Pro och Master Perfection Suite, bjuder på en gratis gate/expander-plugin vid namn GateEx.


A new pro-quality Gate/Expander plug-in with graphic displays, advanced parameter control, and downward expander — effectively removes signals below an assignable threshold and helps reduce audio noise.

In dialog recordings, a gate might be used to remove (or minimize) the presence of background noise or room tone that is audible in the amplitude dips between the speaker's words or phrases. In music recordings, a gate might be used to remove or isolate one type of drum from another. By applying GateEx as a downward expander, you can increase the apparent dynamic range of your audio.

Hämta GateEx gratis här. (Kräver registrering. Erbjudandet giltligt till och med 30 September 2008)