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  • 2008-06-17 20:13

Fick via bloggen reda på att MediaTemple nu kör igång med en privat betatestning av virtualiserade Leopard Server-installationer på Apple Xserves. Schysst för alla som vill ha funktionaliteten hos Leopard Server men inte behöver all kraft och inte vill punga ut alla dollars.

Ska bli intressant att se vilka ytterligare "premium" webhosts som kommer att erbjuda detta, och framförallt intressant att se reaktionerna från kunderna. Intresset har ju funnits länge, nu gäller det bara att finslipa tjänsterna runt omkring vilket jag som mt-kund tycker att mediatemple är grymma på.

(mt) Media Temple - Labs - (xv) Xserve-Virtual BETA - Overview

Ursprungligen av mediatemple.net/labs:

(xv) is the world's first virtual OS X Leopard Server. Running on fully loaded Xserves from Apple, the power of Leopard Server unleashed with Parallels Server.

Why Hosted Leopard?
Start using Leopard right away without upfront costs, or on-going maintenance. Out-perform in-house servers with the speed, security, and support of our top-tier data center. Scale server resources as needed.

Flexible Virtualization
(mt) Exclusive Powered by Parallels, the virtualization behind your (xv) provides an excellent balance of control, resource isolation and future scalability compared to co-location and other self-hosted options.

Premium Hardware & Software
64 bit We use only the latest Xserve hardware and fully licensed OS X Server shipped directly from Apple, along with Virtualization software by Parallels. Everything is professionally installed and supported by (mt) 24/7/365.

When Can I Buy One?
(xv) will be available for public purchase soon. As Parallels' official launch partner, we're working with them to be the first hosting company to offer this groundbreaking product.