• Medlem
  • Stockholm
  • 2008-06-12 22:59

Xsan 2.1 Update

The Xsan 2.1 Update improves reliability and is recommended for all systems running Mac OS X 10.5, or Mac OS X Server version 10.5, or later. It includes:

• Filesystem performance and reliability improvements
• Improved ACL verification and correction
• Better logging during RPL stage of upgrade process
• Improved performance and reliability during Controller failover scenarios

Apple - Support - Downloads - Xsan Filesystem Update 2.1

Xsan Admin 2.1 Update

The Xsan 2.1 update delivers overall improved reliability for remotely administering, configuring and maintaining Xsan deployments. It includes:

• Easier methods of changing computers' roles within the SAN
• Able to remove clients from SAN in situations in which the controller may be offline
• Corrected an issue which could cause users and groups to not be shown when primary controller is offline
• Better visual indications for truncated LUN sizes
• Improved Assistant warnings and size indicators when creating or expanding a volume
• Improved SAN health indicators

Apple - Support - Downloads - Xsan 2.1 Admin Update