• Medlem
  • Stockholm
  • 2008-04-09 00:40

What's new in this version:
•A media streaming security vulnerability was fixed in both Flash Player and Flash Media Server. As a result, Flash Media Interactive Server 3 and Flash Media Streaming Server 3 customers who are streaming H.264 content to Flash Player or higher will need to upgrade their server to version 3.0.1. (1688970)

•When html/SWF is in the local sandbox, getURL('javascript:.....') calls fail with Flash Player in IE7. These calls will no longer fail in (214359)

•A run-time warning has been added to the debug player in version to reflect that AllowScriptAccess=”never” has been deprecated. (217472) Full-screen playback shows black triangles in Flash Player on ATI cards on Microsoft Vista. (213941)

•Authorization header has been reinstated in Flash Player