Hej hej!

Hittade en tråd på Blizzards forum i staterna.
Jag tweaka och såg ett rejält upplyft.
Kanske hjälper nån annan.

24-bit Color, 24-bit Depth. 1x Multisampling.
Vertical Sync: OFF
Hardware Cursor: ON
Smooth Mouse: OFF

World Appearance:
Terrain Distance: 75% of Maximum. (Tweakable, but that's about where the treeline ends in most environments so you can't see past that point anyway, why waste rendering power on what you can't see?)

Environmental Detail: Maximum.

Texture Resolution: Maximum.

Terrain Detail: Minimum. (This takes up a LOT of power and as far as I can tell the visual difference is minimal.)

Ground Clutter Density: Minimum. (Do you really need to waste power on already low res grass?)

Texture Filtering: Minimum. (This is a big one, turning this up even one notch will send a 50fps game plummeting to the low 20's. Turn this off.)

Spell Detail: Maximum.

Ground Clutter Radius: Minimum.

Weather Intensity: Maximum.

Special Effects:
Specular Lighting: ON
Full-Screen Glow Effect: OFF
Death Effect: ON/OFF (User Preference)

Cinematic Subtitles: ON/OFF (User Preference)
Character Shadows: ON
Level of Detail: OFF