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  • 2008-01-28 21:25


greetings from germany.
As we are currently working on a mac project, i thought - maybe it's interesting for your readers, too.

Inofficially(!) it's probably best described as "social dotmac".

Recently we managed to prettyfie our blog a bit.
It's located at http://blog.fruux.net

We started describing some of the features there and illustrated those descriptions with some graphs and there are even some videos and screenshots showing the development of our sync client (currently just for the mac platform).

If this is interesting for your readers, we'd be very happy if you'd mention our project.
It's always very motivating to see the raising readercount

We got no venture capital, no external funding - we are just a small team of 4 dedicated mac-heads

best regards & greetings from germany,

Dominik @ fruux . net


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