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Version 1.1.4 (11/5/2007) SVN revision: [21542]

  • Compatibility updates for Mac OS X 10.5:

    • Removed the ability for the contact list to ignore exposé, fixing a number of issues with Spaces (#7862|7862)

    • Fixed contact dragging (#8202|8202)

    • Fixed the image picker for buddy icons (#8180|8180, #8184|8184)

    • Fixed translation issues in the menubar (#8211|8211)

    • Fixed the typing notification icon in the message window

    • Fixed Contact List autohiding's interaction with Spaces. When hiding on screen edges, it will respond on all Spaces.

    • (Bonjour) Fixed an issue causing a warning message in the system logs

  • Improved the logic used for picking the folder to download file transfers to (#8145|8145)

  • Changed the invalid password dialog to not clear the existing password from the keychain (#4627|4627)

  • OTR encryption no longer causes chats to spontaneously reopen (#6664|6664)

  • Possibly fixed a crash when receiving file transfers

  • Fixed update checking for people with profile submission turned off

  • Fixed an issue in which toolbar icons could remain on screen after the window closed (#8042|8042)

  • Fixed a crash when quitting Adium while the preferences window is open

  • Fixed clearing the file transfer window

  • Fixed searching logs while indexing is in progress (#8223|8223)

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in some logs not being indexed

  • (MySpace) Clarified that MySpace uses the email address for login, not the username (#8085|8085, #8147|8147)

  • (MSN) Fixed Hotmail mail checking (#7610|7610)

  • (Gadu-Gadu) Fixed status messages while using the iTunes status

  • Fixed overlapping buttons in the German localization (#6143|6143)

  • Localization updates

  • Updated to Growl 1.1.2 (

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