• Medlem
  • Stockholm
  • 2003-05-01 19:00

Think secret skriver om en iSync uppdatering. Uppdateringen skulle ge utökat stöd för Bluetooth telefoner, bookmarkssynkning men även stöd via USB för Nokia och Motorola telefoner.

Sources told Think Secret that Apple is prepping an update to its iSync software. The update, which will likely be designated Version 1.1, is expected to be ready for release later in May.

According to insiders, the update will add support for a number of new Bluetooth-enabled phones, but will also support synching of Motorola and Nokia phones via USB. Another new addition will be Safari bookmark sync, a feature hinted at by a bug in Safari beta 2, saying that bookmarks could not be updated because "iSync is synchronizing your bookmarks."

Sources also confirmed that Apple is developing over-the-air synching support, though it's unclear as to whether this will appear in iSync 1.1 or in a later update such as iSync 2, which could be announced this summer. Over-the-air support would allow for synching a phone and computer remotely, over a GSM or GPRS network. Apple is reportedly working on this support for the SyncML standard, but sources said that the absorption of the SyncML organization by the Open Mobile Alliance has led to snags with Apple over patent disclosure.

This functionality was first hinted at in a February Think Secret report, where a spokeswoman for corporate OTA sync provider FusionOne confirmed that the company was an Apple technology partner for iSync. FusionOne's Web site also said that it was working with Apple to develop over-the-air synchronization services for Mac users, and that Apple would make an announcement soon. The blurb was removed and the company denied that it was ever on its site, but cached pages confirmed the news.

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