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  • 2007-07-17 06:49

Ett lite tipps om du vill köpa macprogram mycket billigare så har MacUpdate en deal där du får alla de här programmen för $49.99 ("fullpris" $433.82).
MacUpdate har sålt över 6000 bundels de senaste dagarna och har nu förlängt erbjudandet med 3 dagar extra.

SRS iWOW $19.99
GarageSale 29.99
Cocktail 14.95
ProfCast 59.95
Amadeus Pro 40.00
Fetch 25.00
GraphicConverter X 30.00
Little Snitch 24.95
Intaglio 89.00
TechTool Pro 99.99
Total: $433.82
MU Price: $49.99

Detta kom med mailen nu när jag fick mitt s/n till TechTool Pro.
MacUpdate, MacHeist and the bundle developers have been busy brainstorming ways to ensure that everyone benefits by unlocking all of the applications in the bundle. A special thanks to the developers for lowering the unlock targets to activate the 3 titles sooner, encouraging people to come together.

Everyone came together - on the front line of the bundle and behind the scenes with the system. And we have some exciting news as a reward for reaching your goals of unlocking all 10 applications. We think it'll ensure that everyone leaves this experience encouraged. The news?

The bundle will remain available for 3 more days, and then be permanently shut down. People will have an extended time frame to enjoy purchasing the bundle with all 10 applications unlocked. Congratulations everyone!

We also have a surprise addition to the bundle: a free copy of PhotoPresenter. It's a really slick photo and movie slideshow enhancer that everyone can use. People raved about it during its successfull run as a single item sale on mupromo.com just recenty. You'll receive a PhotoPresenter serial number in your inbox in a couple of days. (Please be patient as we add it to the system).

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