...Audio News Room har en intervju med Sonalksis. De pratar om utveckling, emuleringar, inspiration och avslöjar dessutom ett par av sina kommande pluggar:


We have two research areas that we can't say much about and two new plugs in dev which we probably can...
Two (three) plugins under the knife at the moment, aside from the usual things like bugfixes and updates (there'll be a 2.04 of EssentialsMk2 at some point with some very minor fixes).
We're starting on a range of mastering plugs.
The first up is a stereo swiss-army-knife, provisionally titled StereoTools. It does all the stereo things you need, balance and pan, stereo width adjustment and expansion, mono-everything-below xHz, stereo coherence display, that sort of thing. It's very pretty and very useful!
Plugins two and three are the Mastering Limiters [they hope they'll be released "well before the end of 2007" - editor's note].