Med rubriken "Sure, it's got a faster processor, but it's the display that will blow you away". Artikelförfattaren hade den gamla sjuttontummaren men uppgraderade till nya modellen främst på grund av skärmen. Han skriver:

Oh, and did I mention that screen? You know the difference between regular TV and high-def TV? That's what it feels like using this model. Not that the standard screen offered by Apple is a slouch; 1,680-by-1,050 pixels is plenty fine for most users. But for those of us who always want faster, bigger, more, Apple has created what I'd call the MBP Ultimate.

Testet avslutas enkelt med "It took Apple two years after I first started wishing for a high-resolution screen to deliver just what I wanted. I'm hoping it won't be that long before Blu-ray makes an appearance. Until then, I'll just have to make do with what, in my opinion, is the best laptop Apple has ever made.".

Med andra ord: Blu-ray hade gjort datorn fullständigt komplett men den är ändå den bästa bärbara dator Apple någonsin tillverkat. Hmm. Var beställer man?

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